Curtains billowing on a muggy eve
Storm warnings blare but nothing ever comes
Train on a neighborhood track both distant and near
Infinite cars, it seems, the rumbling never stops

Insects calm, holding their peace
Respecting each other’s territory for now

And yet…

The storm inside disrupts
Atmospheric pressure pushing and pulling
Streams up and down adjoining hemispheres
Waves crest and fall, white caps dotting to the horizon and back
No tsunami warning but do you ever really know?

Day after day like this
Season of discontent
Synapses tingling
Forgetfulness about…. something

Some recommend yoga, others meditate
Some choose to run
Or jog
Or walk
Or sink pens into soft papyrus

Papyrus is a funny word
Part papaya, part walrus, part platypus
Distraction helps
Have you ever seen a platypus?

We seem to never run out
Of space
Of dirt
Of breath

And yet…

The stirring doesn’t cease
All calm is temporary
Which still feels
Like a victory at times

Are we less reliable now?
Less predictable?
A disturbing trend

How does it end?
What happens next?
And after that
And after that

There is only one answer
But I can’t remember it now

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