Comfort Food and Softball Recaps

Last week felt busy. Saturday night we did the Comfort Food story event at Cinemaker Space with about 300 attendees (Christine killed the PR stuff). It was great hanging out with you, Vyasar, Brunell, Tien, Christine, Nell, Addie and Yola (not pictured cuz she had a standup gig to run to).

You can read a brief article and listen to a featured audio clip on KUT HERE (I have a small part in the middle with Christine and Yola).

And then on Tuesday we did an updated staged reading of Slugg’rz and raised over $900 for the team to get to Minneapolis later this month. The event was well attended and the play itself is getting better and better. Thanks to Jarrott Productions for the ticket giveaway prize, and to Lana, Christine, Eva, David and Richard for…. knocking it out of the park. As it were.

Taking a break from producing for a little while. Next up is the World Series in a few weeks…


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