Upcoming Story Events (March & April)

Austin Bat Cave

Oh hey, I’ve got a couple of storytelling events in the next few weeks.  You should come (if you want) (if you read this in time) (if you like stories) (who doesn’t like stories?).

On Thursday, March 31st, I’ll be at Testify at the Spider House Ballroom telling a story about the time I worked in Hollywood and met some pseudo-famous people, which then led to an arrest and a drug overdose.

And then on Tuesday, April 12th, I’ll be at the Austin Bat Cave’s Story Department at Home Slice Pizza telling a story about getting set up on a blind date for a high school prom, which then led to a teenage pregnancy.

These are cliffhangers, people!

Okay, see you on the 31st here and/or on the 12th there.

(to be continued…)

(oh, and the one on the 12th is for a particularly good cause too (it helps kids and stuff!))

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