Jogging in a Suit

jogging in a business suitThis morning I rushed to work after dropping the kids off just in time to host a meeting with about 20 folks (15 in the room, 5 online), and as soon as it was over, I raced home, changed into shorts, and did a quick run around the lake before lunch.

When I got back online I’d gotten this email from my friend Allison:

I had a dream last night and you were in it. You were wearing a nice suit – like, you know, professional and shit. And, you were jogging around a lake. And, there was mud all over your dress shoes. And, I said something like “Max – you are jogging in your suit?” And, you said, “Didn’t have time to change.” “Wow – that’s commitment.” I responded. 

That’s all. You figure out the meaning. You were the one jogging in a suit.

I feel like this represents me pretty well. I generally try to stay reliable and buttoned-up and responsible about most things, at least superficially (the suit) but I also have a tendency to want to break out and run around and get a little dirty (the mud).

A simplification? Sure. But it kinda works.

So this has just made the shortlist for titles of my inevitable memoir: Jogging  in a Suit.

At this point it’s either that or What the Hell am I Doing? or Uhhhh, Okay, Sure, I’ll Take One of Those.

Got a little time before I need to make a decision…


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