Off to College (and Beyond…)

kid leaving home

My older son has been accepted to a month-long program at an out-of-town University this summer, which I guess I’m excited, anxious and curious about. Excited for him to do it and to stretch his independent legs; anxious about how he’ll do and about any struggles he’ll run into; and just generally curious about how it will go for him.

In addition, he’s expressed interest in applying for a program this fall which would send him overseas next summer to a language and cultural exchange, possibly in China or the Middle East. Whoa. That one will take me a bit more time to digest.

Anyway, this is an interesting phase. The kids are more on my mind than usual lately. They’ve always been in my thoughts, but maybe this transition to adulthood is affecting my brain differently. They’ve both been exposed to much more mature stuff lately: suicides and overdoses at their schools, discussions and offers of drugs, plus all the usual sex talk. Oh God, the sex talk. The environments are still positive and nurturing, but it’s a bit of a different world.

And they’re much more engaged and curious and independent than they’ve been in earlier stages. It takes concentration and focus to keep up with them, but it feels important and enriching.

Maybe it’s all part of a slow letting go process? Or maybe I’m just feeling a blend of over-protectedness and pride.

I’m sure there are books written about all this. But any good ones?

To be continued…

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