Happy FLAB Day (to me)

My dad and I were traveling around the northeast earlier this month – which was a great opportunity to catch up and bond – but I didn’t get back in town until Father’s Day (ironically enough, I guess). When I did, I found that my boys had created a pretty epic scavenger hunt for me.

I joke around a lot with them that when they have free time they could be working on Father’s Day cards instead of watching videos or playing games. I might stop doing that after this year.

Here’s the sign my 13-yo made:

And here’s a shot of all the clues they laid out for me around the house (including references to things that happened years ago):

The hunt included logging into three separate websites for videos and messages. Here are a couple of screenshots of one of them (note: my nickname is FLAB (a tale for another time):

And then the final product (which took a while to get to) had a heartbreaking note in it. I don’t know what the permissions are (or if I’m really comfortable having it all online) but this is the link to it (for now).

Here’s the money section though:

Every day, you wake up and try to be the best possible parent that you can be, and without fail, you do it almost perfectly. But just to show you that I’m being honest and truthful here, I made a list of things that you do imperfectly, just so you know.

1) Sometimes you do benefit shows and get really stressed out, although you were very good about being chill recently
2) You still don’t use the oxford comma even though it’s 2019, which is silly, unclear, and behind the times
3) That’s all 🙂

Anyway, I love those guys. They know how to get to me. I’ll be coming back to look at this as the years roll on….

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