May Day Mayday


GFT chairsOkay, so…

This May benefit I mentioned is sorta maybe coming together. The theater says they’re working to accommodate me, and Jomo and the guys say they’re in for playing.

At this point I’ve also got two storytellers who say they’re in.

Others on my list of performers include:

  • Two standup comedians
  • Another comedy group
  • Another musician
  • Possibly a remount of Pong: the Musical if the actors are available

I’ve got to get a date nailed down from the theater in the next 7 days or there’s no way I can pull it together (they’ve been too busy to give me a concrete one). But the fact that performers are already lining up is good.

I’ll also need some quick graphic art and marketing. This feels like one of those rush-job challenges on The Apprentice.

Potential titles for the show include:

  • Funny Not Funny
  • Washer for Kinshasa
  • Let’s Get Those Kids a Washing Machine
  • A Night of Random Stuff for a Good Cause

That first one struck me as a good idea today. Funny people helping to get stuff for an unfunny cause. Feedback? Thoughts? Can this come together in time? Will anyone show? Will youuuuuuuu???

(oh yeah, the need right now at the orphanage is for a washing machine instead of toilets, which is why the change in plumbing subjects)

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