Entertaining for Toilets?

toilet in KinshasaA couple of pieces of news came in over the wire this week:

1) My friend Robert, who’s spent the last couple of years in Kinshasa (which is in the Congo (which is in Africa (if you’re bad at geography like me))) has been trying to fund a series of repairs and upgrades to a school for orphans. Something like 80 kids had been sharing one toilet and just a handful of beds. He’s been doing a lot of great work there, and announced that he’s in the homestretch for the final bunch of construction.

2) The fine folks at Ground Floor Theatre reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in putting on some kind of show in late April or May because their theater has some openings they can’t fill.

The insane project-manager-y part of me suddenly thought there might be a way to put these things together.

I’m trying to find a date (maybe in May, since there’s NOTHING going on that month) that might work, and then see if some musicians and comedians and storytellers could come on board.

Could it work? I don’t know.

Is it fruitless to try? Not sure yet.

Am I motivated? Yeah, I guess I probably would be anyway, but stuff like this which keeps coming and coming and coming makes me want to keep striving to make things a bit better here and there, while still keeping a foot in the arts community, where I guess my passion lies.

Anyway, more to come. This whole project may not work out, depending on a bunch of stuff. But my kids are behind it, which is always a good first step.

Will update this space later when I have more to say (or will let it drop if I don’t). You know, the usual…

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