And a Flashback

I was going through some boxes at my parents’ old house and stumbled upon this poster. It’s the first live show I ever wrote, when I was a sophomore in college, recruited to participate by my old musical pal Brendan.

We were both in the house band too. It was really rewarding, enriching and sort of a rollercoaster. A great experience overall, and an addictive intro to theater. I remember spending months trying to rewrite it and hone jokes in the mall.

Meanwhile, I found these two photos from the same year:

The first one is a different theater experience the next semester, after I got recruited to be in Mary Stuart, Pomona College’s mainstage play. That’s crazy. I did a kind of improvised monologue at the last minute for my audition, and I think because they needed more dudes, I made it in. It was the first (and only) time I’ve ever needed to grow a beard for something. My kids are both about this age now, and the beard adds extra years. I remember ordering a drink at a Chili’s and not getting carded. And I remember playing pickup basketball and being picked 2nd or 3rd when I had the beard, but closer to last after I shaved it off.

Side note: I’ve lost track of this old friend, so if you’re reading this, get in touch!

Then this photo, later in the year, when I was trying to be a skate rat on campus, with the San Gabriel mountains in the background. I lost track of that skateboard, but I have another, similar one now in my closet. Time to get back out there…

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