That Goal-den Light

Oof, who came up with that tortured headline?

This is a terrific photo of my son from a recent weekend camping trip to Kerrville. I didn’t take the photo (my kid’s pal did) but I’m ready to sell it to some sports drink, sneaker brand, or chain-link-fence company.

Here are a few goal-like things for the fall to keep me honest and motivated:

  • The Pact public reading: I got a small grant to revise this full-length dark comedy and work with actors to improve it; I’m looking to do a private reading and rework session in October, then do a larger reading in-person or online (or both) in November; stay tuned for that date!
  • A Million More to Go draft in progress: This is a full-length satire/comedy about the Arizona election recount that I started over the summer; I hope to finish the draft by January for upcoming contests; will see how that works out (perhaps as well as the recount did?)
  • The Slugg’rz Make the Series wind-up: This is a follow-up to the short play Sunday Slugg’rz from a couple of years ago, which I started after attending the recent softball world series in Columbus (update on that to come!); got a lot of new material in Oho; I’m only 9 pages in so far, but look forward to spending time with this one and thinking about how to get it staged somewhere maybe in 2022 (not sure if I’ll stick with that title but I kinda like it atm)
  • Nine Days possible leads: I got a couple of follow-ups on this piece of full-length prose I’ve been experimenting with; mostly I need to wait at this point, but I’ve had discussions about possibly serializing it with an online magazine and getting it in front of a small but influential book publisher; I’ve learned to keep expectations low (and exercise a lot of patience) with this stuff, but… I’ve worked a lot on this one lately and hope there’s some movement in the next couple of months

All that AND my oldest kiddo is now in college and off to a good start. Phew. Am I distracting myself from dealing with his absence by taking on too many goals this fall? How dare you ask me that???

More to come….

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