The Pact gets Picked

The play I worked on this winter was picked as a finalist for the Hyde Park New Play Workshop this summer. I’m happy about this, and of course hope that I get to be part of the workshop – which is always impressive with a good cast and crew behind it. But I’ll go regardless. My odds are… one in six, I guess.

You can read a longer description of the finalists HERE (as well as the winner when it’s posted later this month). My summary description is the shortest and vaguest. Will that hurt me with the judges? I assume not.

Let’s do a reading of this play in the fall regardless, shall we?

Speaking of which, here’s a quick check-in on those Winter to Spring to Summer Goals from waaaaaay back in March…

  • Hollywood story: will be getting grad-level editing feedback next week and see what happens after that
  • Hair: cut last month!
  • Nomadism: discovery still in progress, aiming for an HQ visit this summer
  • College: narrowed down to Chicago and Boston (both cool places, IMO)
  • Art space: discovery continues, hoping to know more and start looking at potential places by the end of May

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