Winter to Spring to Summer 2021: Goal Check

Taking a look back at these goals I posted in November, how’d things work out…

GOAL: Write a new experimental short play for The Fling the weekend of November 21st

RESULT: Done. Actually wrote two plays. The first one was convoluted across multiple online platforms. I decided it was too messy and in the last few hours wrote a piece about Rudy Giuliani confronting Frederick Douglass in a Zoom call. I thought it was good, though it read a bit like an SNL skit and probably doesn’t have great legs.

GOAL: Continue training to get back in shape for an informal Half Marathon on December 31st

RESULT: This worked out, though it actually happened on January 1st. Was it painful? Yup. Would I do it again? Maybe!

GOAL: Finish a draft of the full-length play THE PACT by mid-January to submit to the summer workshop at HPT

RESULT: Basically worked out! The HPT deadline was moved to Feb 28th, so I had an extra month to work on it. I finished the draft and submitted it. It’s a bit of a mess and I’ll keep pecking at it for a hopeful live reading in the fall if I don’t make it to the workshop in June. It’s funny and has a lot of promising stuff in it (if I do say so myself).

GOAL: Finalize a draft of my ongoing prose piece and send to at last 20 YA agents by February 15th

RESULT: Interesting. I finished the draft but decided to market it as adult lit instead of YA, and sent it to 5 small publishers. Had a little interaction with one of them, and expect to hear more responses by June or July. Will see what happens.

And here are some new goals to get to June or so…

  1. Revise draft of a book-length story about Hollywood and send a query to at least 10 YA agents by May 15th to gauge interest | Context: got approached by a grad student at U of Washington about working on an editing project, so dug this story up, decided it was good, started reading to my kids, and got newly inspired
  2. Cut my hair by April 10th
  3. Research corporate nomadic options by May 1st | Context: my day-job company just got acquired by a company in the PNW; can I work there in the summers? That might be nice.
  4. Help my kid decide where to go to college by May 10th and digest that profound next step
  5. Research real estate options for a potential new theater/art space by June 1st | Context: more to come on this soon, I hope, but a friend wants to partner in investing in and creating something new; could be exciting…

Okay, that’s a quite the hodgepodge. Good luck updating those things. Thanks for reading and committing, Max!

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