The Slugg’rz Make the Series (reading on April 16th)

We’re doing a reading! And we’d love to have you come check it out.

The Slugg’rz are back! And they’re even more slugg’ry than ever. Catch a reading of this new comedy during spring training and see if they can make their way to the majors!
There’s a quick-and-dirty Facebook event if you want to follow along or respond to that HERE.
It’s Sunday, April 16th at 7pm at Hyde Park Theatre. Would love to see you there.
And checking back on the history of this piece, I see that about 18 months ago I had just started it and hoped to get it together by end of 2022. Enh, pretty close. I think this one could be fun, and has a lot of great comic actors in it. I’ll give you a free beer and/or cookie if you make it.

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