Fantasy Elect Interview

Hey, I won something! Last year I got invited to join a beta test for a new app under development, called Fantasy Elect. It’s like fantasy football, but it’s about elections and predicting who’s going to win congressional, senate and gubernatorial seats – and it includes other elements used for scoring like fundraising, polling and estimates of the overall voter turnout for the country.

Anyway, I won the tournament and the app’s designer asked me to come in for an interview that he’s going to publish soon (this spring?) along with an updated version of the app itself.

I’ll link to it when I’ve got it. I was curious how I’d feel about trying to predict elections when there can be so many heightened emotions involved. Rooting for or against a politician is a little different than rooting for or against the Cowboys (or maybe it isn’t so different?).

Anyway, it all worked out, and me and the other players all got along. I’ll probably do it again in 2024. Yet another puny feather in my incrementally burgeoning political career.

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