My Performance Review

This post is mostly an excuse to memorialize this show graphic that my son put together for me.

The annual festival (after a two-year hiatus) is in its final week, and it was mostly pretty fun with a hiccup or two here and there.

The Dating Project was remounted in an edited-down version – and was received well by the audience. Those Summer Break Theatre kids did good.

Snickerdoodles & Disco was cute, light and fun, and exactly what I hoped it’d be. The transition from 14/48 to FronteraFest probably requires a little more finesse. The live band at 14/48 is a huge creative addition. Using pre-recorded music just isn’t as fun. If I did this piece again, I’d probably add a few extra elements to flesh it out a bit more. Still, we got Best of Week and got a great response.

Your New CEO was a last-minute (well, I put it together in a week) replacement for the collaboration I was doing with my dad (that’s another story!) and it was inspired by recent tech layoffs and some experiences friends have gone through. I didn’t know how it’d land, but when I did it last Thursday, it went over great. I had to wait for a lot of laughs to die down every minute or so and I got great feedback.

That last one ^^ was really rewarding. A return to the stage for me, and people (strangers, even!) approached me in the days after telling me how much it resonated with them. It didn’t move on to the next round, and I’d like to think this is in part because it spoke more to corporate folks than to arts-minded ones.

So that means I’m available for speaking engagement and corporate retreats! Have your secretary call my secretary. I don’t get out of bed for less than $500.

All right, that’s that. More on my Dad collab experience a little later…


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