*that’s supposed to be a play on the word posterity, but jokes are better when you have to explain them up front, so… Anyway, my hair is short again (thanks, kiddo!) but these are a few shots I took before it was hacked off. Why? Because my hair usually grows way out and up,...

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Columbus or Bust?

Sports is back! (Sports are back??) In the past few weeks, I’ve been invited to play a few games of tennis, there’s talk of getting a volleyball team together for some practice sessions soon, and I was recruited to play softball again this season. I’m taking it slow with softball, but the few practices...

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Kiddo Brag

Each of the past 4 years, my oldest kid has been participating in a national cyber-security competition where they try to find flaws in various computer system platforms. His team has done a little better each year, and this year they made it to the national finals, the first Texas high school team to...

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