Come and See THE PACT!

We’ve had a couple of good reviews in Broadway World and Central Texas Live, and there may be another one or two coming, but audiences have been uniformly really positive and enthusiastic. If that’s not all, an old work friend of mine busted out of the theater the other night when the lights came up, looked me right in the eye, and exclaimed “That was really f*cked up!”

I mean what else do you want in entertainment???

We run through Saturday, October 15th. Audiences should be pretty good for the remaining performances (including an ASL show on Wednesday) but there’s always more room for you!!

Tickets available HERE.

(we’ll do a debrief when everything’s done and in the can…)


  1. Deborah TarltonOctober 10, 2022

    My brother, my best friend and I saw The Pact (with our friend Marla). We all laughed, we were all surprised by the ending and just loved the play.

    Thanks Max for making the end of my visit back to Austin well worth the trip!!!

    1. Max LangertOctober 10, 2022

      This is so great to hear, thank you, Deborah! Happy you guys made it!


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