Sponsor Outreach Brainstorm

Okay, it’s time to start getting serious.  I gotta contact some businesses and see if there’s any way to drum up sponsorship for the event.  When we got Nothing Bundt Cakes to help out in June I felt like it boosted our legitimacy and/or my confidence level some.

My initial thought was to reach out to places that sell calamari and try to get some coupons or deals on that (funny!).  But those places are limited and sometimes too franchised (too many hoops to jump through) so maybe better to focus on smaller local places—and even better, places that I might frequent or have a stake in.  Proximity to the show is also a consideration.

So who to talk to …

How about:

Hops and Grain Brewing (it’s just 1.4 miles from the theater so people could head over after)

Then there are other bars and pubs not too far, like:

  • Yellow Jacket
  • Grackle
  • White Horse
  • Gourmands

Start with Hops and Grain and see how that feels.

Other places to consider because they’re close to me and/or offered some support in the past for Bundt or other ScriptWorks events:

  • Soup Peddler (David)
  • Opa’s (Jackie)
  • Aviary (Marco)
  • ABGB
  • Thundercloud
  • Papalote
  • Patika
  • ESK?
  • Irie?
  • Golden Goose?
  • One of those tattoo joints?

Okay, start with Hops and Grain, see how that goes, then work down the local list and see if you can get a couple of hits!  Aim for 3-5 emails or visits by the end of this week.

Also gotta nail down that band situation!  (get on that!)

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