Dramatic Audio Thriller in the Works

Now that it may be months (or years?) until people feel comfortable crowding into a theater again, I’m thinking on and off about alternate projects to work on.

I have a prose thing that I may post about some day (and possibly even ask YOU about), but I’ve started to think about audio dramas as well.

A friend at work got me listening to a few episodic stories like The Left Right Game and Blackout. They’re not my favorite genre of story-telling, but the sound quality and acting are excellent and it’s a really immersive experience. Great stuff to listen to while walking around (and trying to win a company-wide step challenge, amirite?).

I’ve got a writing workshop starting TOMORROW (where you try to write a full-length play in just over a month) and I’m hoping to take a stab at something that could be audio-only.

Here’s the gist:

Working Title: Texas Heat Advisory

Summary: A young woman, Sarah, and her grandmother, Laura, are in lockdown in their respective apartments because of a Texas heat advisory – a period every summer when it’s so dangerously hot outside that no one is allowed to leave their homes.

Sarah’s father disappeared some years’ back, and her mother went looking for him a year ago but hasn’t been seen since.

Sarah and Laura communicate via mini recordings on a WhatsApp-like device and occasionally video chat too, though Laura isn’t great with technology so there are some hiccups here and there.

Eventually comes a hint that Sarah’s mother may be nearby and Sarah ventures out into the heat to find her, discovering secrets she never could have imagined.

Or something like that. “never could have imagined” – always gotta have a good, vague, titillating cliché to wrap up a summary (preferably spoken in a deep, resonant voice)

Let’s see what happens. Will update in here if it seems like it has potential.

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