Texas Heat Advisory reading in July

All right, so this new audio piece is almost done, and we’re planning to do an online reading in July. Right now it’s scheduled for July 16th at 8pm Central Time.

These are graphic concepts Ryan is working on for the event. Hope to finalize something in the next couple of weeks.

And here are some comments I’ve gotten from the workshop I’m in (Caridad is the teacher and she’s been super encouraging):

CaridadS: “I love your play and keep dreaming about it! I think you’re on to something.”

Kristy LB: “I love your writing, and I think you have a really heartbreaking and wonderfully weird story here.”

Jeanne B: “What is in your head, child? Whatever it is, hang on to it. I’m loving it!”

Tina E: “The dialogue is fun and clever and sweet. Oh my goodness, so wonderful. The complicated relationship between mother and daughter is spot on. I’m on the edge of my seat… This story is so interesting in light of the current pandemic. It’s a really timely play and the fact that it’s fun makes it all the better.”

MonicaC: “So funny!  So clever!  I love this story. The surprises are delightful, everything’s so visual, the characters are all so different. There is something beautiful about an audio play, giving just enough for the visuals to form specifically and maintain attention.  I think you are doing that wonderfully!”

Annnnnyway, I know that classmates are supposed to be positive and encouraging, but even given that, this feels like a fun project that could go somewhere. The reading on the 16th will help figure out what comes next…

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