The LTYM club

I first heard about the Listen to Your Mother (LTYM) project back in late February of this year when I spotted a call for submissions on a theater website I usually read for reviews and notes on upcoming productions. Always on the lookout for local events to participate in, I read over the requirements and production details and...

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Remnants of LTYM Austin

Still digesting everything that went through my head last week, and hope to write more about it. But a couple of things I want to get down before I forget: 1) This KUT (NPR affiliate) story played on the radio while I was in my car Thursday morning.  A huge thrill! 2) I...

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Sweating and shaking

Well, tomorrow’s it.  The night we’ve been working toward for weeks. The LTYM show is happening at 7pm and it’s fully sold out (300+ attendees). I’m excited about it, but also know that I won’t be able to stop myself from sweating and trembling a bit as I’m sitting there waiting to tell my story. That’s...

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