Possum Posse is in!

possum posse

I’ve loved this band since I first saw them a few years ago at Lambert’s.  And then went to see them at their Pretty Kitty-sponsored (not really) residency at One2One on South Lamar.

And they just agreed to play the benefit on November 19th.  Super excited to have them!

I guess they’re best known for their ridiculously popular series of viral Guy on a Buffalo videos (like this one).  But I think this more recent video is also bizarrely genius.  Seems like a natural fit for squid night (even if buffalos and possums aren’t really ocean-dwelling creatures).

Still have a few things to sort out with them like when in the evening they’re playing and whether they can be part of an opening skit.  But they seem like great guys and I’m really looking forward to having them involved.

In other news, Jenny’s new bakeshop has offered to provide and hand out mini cakes in a kind of sponsorship deal.  And Dr. Becker has suggested handing out art cards to patrons too—and selling certain prints for a low price for those people (ahem) on a limited art budget.  So more and more goodies for attendees.

Need to get more promotional stuff done this weekend.

Also, California Jen is going to include our info in a newsletter that goes out to entertainment-based folks around the country, which could bring a little more attention.  She suggested including a bit more about the squid theme so people know where it comes from.

What, like it’s not obvious???

Good point, good point.  Get that done this week too…

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