Winter 2017 Events


Oh hey, got some stuff upcoming.

FronteraFest comes again, and Your Neighborhood Association opens Wednesday, January 25th,  at Hyde Park Theatre.  This (left) is one of the shots we got at our professional photo shoot in early December.

Oh, and this (below) is a satirical political bumper sticker David saw after an early rehearsal which has a lot to do with the plot of the piece (zeitgeist!).


Then the following week on Friday, February 3rd, a remount of Duck, Duck, Goose (performed at this year’s 14/48) is scheduled with the original cast and director.  I’m really excited about that and to see how it goes over in a different environment.  I love the dancing and choreography.  I’m so happy to have written something with dancing and choreography without having had to think about actually… choreographing the dancing.

That’s about all I’ve got.  However (!) there are several great local opportunities that I’m trying to get involved with:

  • The storytelling show Risk! is doing a show at the Paramount in January, and I’ve just sent a pitch in
  • Austin Playhouse is looking for new plays to work on in the spring, and I’ve submitted a piece for that
  • Hyde Park Theatre is looking for new plays-in-progress to workshop over the summer, and I’m trying to get something submitted for that before the deadline in February

If all of these things work out, I’ll be over the moon.

If two of them work out I’ll be ecstatic.

If one of them works out I’ll be very happy.

If none of them works out I’ll be all like… Enh.

So… keep your fingers crossed! (okay, you don’t have to, but I will!)

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