Three Upcoming Semi-Events

Why are they semi-events? Oh, different reasons, I guess. One’s not really an event yet, but there’s potential; one’s an event but it’s not really something to crow about; and the other may or may not happen.

In no particular order:

1) Tuesday, August 27th: I told my softball buddies that I’d put on an event on this date to help fundraise for our trip to the World Series in September. We have several players who can’t afford the trip (travel and lodging expenses) to Missouri.

I should have a graphic for this soon (late-breaking update: draft in upper left), and we have Hyde Park Theatre reserved, and I’ve got a band, a couple of comedians and a reading of a new script (mine!) with all-star actors lined up. I’m still working on the short script for SUNDAY SLUGG’RZ. Hoping to have it ready in the next week or so, and MAY even do it for FronteraFest. Stay tuned.

(though some of this is dependent on the outcome of #3)

2) Monday, July 29th: This is like… tomorrow! I have an audition for Ask Me Another. I took a quiz to see if I could be on the show, and he’s part of what I got back (self-horn-toot):

Hi there,

You did a great job on your Ask Me Another contestant quiz! Congratulations—it’s a tough one!

We’re casting contestants for our Texas Tour in September!

If you are able and interested in participating, please let us know some times that you are free for a phone interview from the list below.

This interview will only take 10-15 minutes. We’ll just ask a few get-to-know you type questions—nothing too stressful! After that we’ll make final casting decisions.


So yeah, nervous but excited about that possibility. Would LOVE to do it. And okay, it’s an interview, not an audition. Whatever.

3) Friday, August 2nd: Sigh. I have to get back surgery. I’ve been doing everything I can to avoid this, but it looks like some of the things I’ve participated in over the past year exacerbated a problem around my spine. And now I have a pinched nerve that is cutting off some feeling to my left leg. It’s pretty freaky and disconcerting. Don’t feel much pain but my leg has been getting weaker and weaker and if I don’t do something about it, I could face a future without running, basketball, racquetball, softball, volleyball, etc.

I inherited a bunch of anxiety from my mother, who refused to seek any medical attention the last 15-20 years of her life. I’ve been running through stages of grief (or something) on this and finally seem to have accepted that I need to do this or things could get Bad.

Anyway, I’m trying to look at it as a challenge. I’ll need a month of careful recovery, then an additional month of slow ramp-up (if all goes well) to try to get back in shape to where I was before. I may post updates in here as I hit milestones (that could be cathartic).

All right, one step at a time, as they say…

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