A Little Non-Writing Bragging

I re-pulled some muscle in my lower back a few days ago and it’s super annoying and slowing me down, so I thought I’d cheer myself up (temporarily) by recalling a couple of nice things that happened earlier in the week.

1) I hit a home run!

Yeah, at the second game of the season with this new softball team I’m on, I saw a pitch floating out there in front of me. I was going to let it go by because I wanted to get a better feel for the pitcher. But it was so tempting, I let ‘er rip.

The ball flew over the center fielder’s head and I ran around the bases. At third, the coach waved me home. I couldn’t believe it.

First home run of the season on our team. Possibly the only one I’ll ever hit. I’m not really a power hitter. So trying to hold onto that feeling.

2) A colleague of mine left my workplace earlier in the week after a few years at the company and he sent a note to all the company’s leadership without my knowledge. It was forwarded to me later, and here’s what it said:

Hey all,

I just wanted to take a moment to recognize Max. We have an amazing team that works incredibly well together, but Max is the one person who has been absolutely pivotal to our execution…

Max is a key partner to the product, dev, and business teams in terms of communication, prioritization, and execution. When things need to get done, he is there making it happen — all day, every day, and without fail or complaint. I certainly could not have done my job without him.


Wow. I know it sounds like I wrote that myself, but I swear I didn’t!

Feeling slightly less insecure about my role after that.

Okay, that is all. Icing my back again. The pain, the pain…

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