Sweating and shaking

Well, tomorrow’s it.  The night we’ve been working toward for weeks.

The LTYM show is happening at 7pm and it’s fully sold out (300+ attendees).

I’m excited about it, but also know that I won’t be able to stop myself from sweating and trembling a bit as I’m sitting there waiting to tell my story.

That’s okay, I’m sorta used to it by now.  And I also know that I do a decent job of masking my nerves (people usually tell me I don’t seem nervous onstage).

However, I’m wearing a shirt that may show sweat (even if I otherwise look calm) so that’s my biggest worry.  Which will just make it worse, I’m sure.

Still, I feel like life is just one sweat-inducing moment after another, so no big deal.

Everyone sweats, right? (Except for maybe this guy.)

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