Playwriting workshop with Kirk Lynn

Went to a ScriptWorks-sponsored workshop with the estimable Kirk Lynn last night.

It’s the first workshop like this I’ve been too in a long time (too long, I guess).

There were a dozen or so of us there and it was a fun, thought-provoking evening of exercises and discussion.

Still mulling everything we went over.  Kirk gave us some ideas he uses to get his brain going that can help jumpstart a longer piece (we tried rewriting lines from more obscure Shakespeare plays using modern slang, writing out instructions for a stranger to interact with something we use regularly in everyday life, and writing a letter to someone we know and asking for something we desperately want).

I liked Kirk, liked the crew, and feel like it gives me a broader pallet to work from and license to stretch boundaries a bit.

Good food for thought.

And glad I’m writing this down so I can remember it next time there’s a workshop like this and I’m on the fence about going!


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