Kid achievement boast

So the boys had a great day today, at least in terms of statistics and performance.

7-year-old, who has never hit more than a double at a baseball game before, hit THREE home runs today in four at-bats.  And he almost had a fourth too, with the bases loaded, but the shortstop was somehow able to knock the ball out of the air and hold him to a double.  So in four at-bats he had 2 homers, a double and another homer.  These are the kinds of things that become legend.  (especially when typed in an obscure blog where he can dig it up in 20 years).

Not to be outdone (!), the 9-year-old went to the annaul Texas Math Pentathalon and went four for five!  They say he performed better than anyone ever has at his school, and he came back with a silver medal.

So I’m proud of both those dudes for their very different but equally outstanding performances.  And just as proud for how they handled them, with modesty and grace.  In many ways, it feels like just another day for them.

But not for me!  Feeling pretty damn good…

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