Quick Fringe Brainstorm

Guess I must be feeling optimistic about the year ahead. Here are some ideas about what to put on for the next FronteraFest (a year from now?):

  • Snatch and Release: This is a script I already have, and intended to feature at a variety show last summer, about a punk band that has to find new members pronto. It’s funny, and I like it, but it requires some good audio production (I might be able to recruit my Sound Design son to help, though… he’ll be in college by then? (oy, what is happening))
  • This is 90: I’d love to do a show that somehow features my dad, especially since our plan to be on stage together this past fall was scrapped due to Covid. I could do a skit about him, or roast him, or…. hmm, that’s all I’ve got for now – but yeah, he’ll be 90 just a month or so after the festival, so might want to take advantage of that milestone
  • Disc Golf, the Musical: Just had this random thought when I took the boys out to play the other day. Is everyone too sick of musicals? I don’t know. It’s so… Austin, and could be fun, so will let it simmer a bit.

Anyway, the juices are flowing. Must be the smell of Hope.

More to come on all that. Plenty of time…

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