New Play Reading in June

soda machine image

All right, I’m biting the bullet and just doing it.

Have begun scheduling a reading for a new play-in-progress, SODA MACHINE, which was born out of another draft that wasn’t going where I wanted it to called THE POD.

The idea for this play (which involves time travel and soda-drinking) came from a discussion I had with the kids when we were walking down to Juice Box one day.  We kept talking about different ideas for traveling forward and backward in time depending on how much soda you bought or drank.

It’s a ridiculous and super silly idea, but sometimes making the boys giggle is enough motivation.

Right now the date of the reading is June 14th.  I think I’ll even have a graphic to use for an invite and some publicity in the next week or two.

We’ll see how it goes.  And it still gives me a few weeks to try to tighten things up.

Cross your fingers that it goes okay!

(why aren’t you crossing your fingers???)


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