Middling in Midland

Okay, we were in Dallas, not Midland, but that’s a headline I’ve always wanted to write.

Our team got off to a rocky start at the World Series this year (3rd qualification in 5 years for me) but we started hitting better once we got slotted in the “losers’ bracket” and clawed our way up to… 13th place overall nationally.

That sounds pretty good!

We did all right, and I batted a team-high .571 for the whole series, so that feels good personally. I think I went 6 for 7 in the final couple of games.

There was a fair amount of drama during the week we were there, and a little recovery is in order. But… I love hitting the ball deep to center field (as in this pic). Way to go (sorta), team! Let’s do it again…

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