Glory Days

After visiting a couple of old friends out west, and attending a memorial service with them too, I was loaned some old photos I hadn’t seen in forever.

That top/left one is a high school gig I had with my old band Reverse (nice mod tie and electric drums, yo!). And then these are a couple from a road trip we did to the Hoover Dam way back when. Nice to see the old me. I mean the young me. I mean…

Hey hey, lookin’ fashionable!

Oh, that bottom one looks to be at my friend Dave’s house, maybe right before I went to audition to be a backup singer in Wham and the Go-Go’s. Can’t believe neither of those worked out (Wham and the Go-Go’s seems like it’d be a pretty good 80’s cover band name (the Wake-Me-Ups?) I could go on and on, but… it’d just make less and less sense).

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