Out of Ink: One More Weekend

Chronicle OOI reviewI just happened to see this review of the 19th annual Out of Ink production in the Chronicle today.

Not that it’s interesting or important or anything, but I did get a nice little blurb about my piece, The Apes:

…That sparked some imaginative approaches to dramatic situations, such as Max Langert’s cosmic view of human history in “The Apes,” wherein Earth, the moon, and Mars are portrayed as people talking to and dancing around one another, and Earth’s inhabitants are represented by one “ape” who evolves in minutes from grunting caveman to Marc Antony to Trump. Eventually, Earth succumbs to a fever and a spacesuit-helmeted future leader goes chasing after Mars.

Cool, yeah, groovy.

I have to say, this is one of the pieces I’ve been proudest of at Out of Ink; it feels structurally powerful with a good political message. More of this kind of stuff, please!

Oh yeah, updating my works┬ápage now. How’d you let me forget that???

But yeah, no biggie, whatevs, who cares…

UPDATE: We just got some photos sent around from the dress rehearsal. I like the composition in this one. Matrex as Mars in wide orbit, Amy as Luna in a tighter orbit, Gina as earth, and David in back prepping for his next ape-related role (note Trump wig on end of branch).The Apes action shot

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