Quick Peacock Recap (say that 3 times fast…)

Jules peacock photoHey, the show went great!

Not sure the total number of people, but we ended up with 52 tickets sold online, and then maybe a dozen or so folks came in to pay at the door.  I ballparked 60-65 in the audience at some point, so I guess that sounds about right.


With ticket sales and donations and jellybean guesses (for the gift basket) we ended up with $1100 to give to The SAFE Alliance. Very happy with that, and the SAFE folks seemed psyched too.

Couldn’t have done it without a lot of willing and positive help form everyone involved (especially Jenn and Marla who did early legwork to make sure things looked great and ran well). Thanks, guys!!

So… there you go.

I’ve already had a few conversations about what event to do next, and the enthusiasm about the event in general has made all the work and organization worth it.

Great experience. Hooray!

So what’s next?


Okay, see you! (and may have some more thoughts later…)

Oh, here are three more shots from the show (your humble host, the perplexing Posse and the dancing ducks).Max alone PPDuck Duck Goose

UPDATE: just got this video link from Ava Love Hanna, telling her crowd-pleasing story about punching peacocks. Check it out if you dare…

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