I Guess Things Turned Out Okay

Another note to self:

The show on May 19th went really well, my fears of low attendance were unwarranted (we ended up with about the same number as the last two shows and had to pull chairs from offstage to seat everyone), everybody had a good time, and we raised more money than we expected.

The only thing I didn’t feel great about was that we ended up going over time, and there was some stress after 10pm about how to wrap it up as quickly as possible. Thanks to Jomo and the guys for understanding and cutting their set just a bit. That said, part of the reason we ran long (aside from my imperfect project management) is that people kept showing up late, it was festive, and people wanted to linger and drink and chat at intermission and no one really wanted it to end.

We ended up pulling in nearly $1400 between ticket sales and donations, and that’s enough to buy the damn washing machine, so… well done, everyone.

This (top) is one of my favorite photos from the show. That crazy dinosaur guy. I also like the behind-the-scenes shots we got (below) which remind me how we all pulled it together before curtain.

Also: getting a photographer was a great idea!*

All right, somewhere there are dozens of orphans who might have a slightly better (and cleaner) life soon.

Till next time (if there is a next time)….


* all photos by Rene Renteria Photography

UPDATE on May 26: per Robert’s blog, he got a couple of good donations on the heels of the benefit too, to bring the total to over $1700, which we’ll take credit for. Smiley face. So happy to hear it…

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