And Now it can be Told

For the past couple of months I’ve been raising money for a custom award for Christi Moore for the 20th Anniversary of ScriptWorks. She puts in a lot of time and energy for our organization without a lot of reward.

Through contact with our 150 members, I was able to get a bunch of donations and work with a woman named Ruth in Ireland (at an organization called Created) who commissions artists for custom-built sculptures.

This is the piece I was able to get, which was finished just a couple of weeks ago.

We gave it to our executive director last night, along with a generous gift certificate to a local spa.

Was another one of these labor of love things that took a fair amount of admin time, but went off well, and she was visibly moved.


And speaking of our 20th Anniversary, I’ve got a short play in this book (It’s Time from our 2014 showcase, about a couple of school teachers who have a long, shared, secret past).

I got a few autographs from other writers last night, but kinda forgot about doing it—then stumbled a little signing copies for others too. Obviously not very well-practiced for pseudo-stardom.

Anyway, it was a good time, an emotional and celebratory occasion.

To another twenty years!

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