BREAKING: Kids are Cute


I was at a dinner party last week in south Austin, and the host has a five-year-old son who ended up going to bed about an hour into the event.

When he was all ready for bed, he came into the living room, grabbed my hand, looked up at me with his big eyes and asked me to come read a book to him.


So I went in his room and he spent a couple of minutes finding two books that he particularly wanted read: one about a kid who didn’t like being sad, and another about a circus train traveling the country.

I forgot what great audiences kids are at that age. They’ll laugh at, like, anything. It’s soooooo great.

You can just point at a bird flying around and be like “Hey, check out that bird, what does she think she’s doing, she’s all like Look at me, I have wings, ooh-la-laaaa.” And then there’s all this LAUGHTER in the room.

Mine are all teenager-y and stuff now, onto more sophisticated (and sometimes overtly juvenile) things. It was nice to get a burst of some five-year-old joy as a change of pace.

That’s really all I have to say about that, except for this:

Note to self: consider becoming a first-grade teacher in 2021. Maybe that’s your next gig and life change-of-pace. Could be fun.

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