Big Decision: Hills or Flats

So I’m signed up to run this race in just under two months.

My friend Tom and I have to decide which of us is going to take which series of three legs that are left on the team (there are 12 of us running 216 miles in three days; I know, it’s totally nuts).

The choices are basically:

  • Run 3 long legs on level ground
  • Run 3 medium legs on hills

Here’s an example of one of the flat legs (the first):






And here’s the last of the hilly legs (rated WTH because the climb is about 1000 feet the last 2-3 miles):






Anyway, mulling all this. Part of me thinks hills would be more “fun” because it gives you some variety and a change of pace; and part of me thinks longer and flatter would just be… more pleasant… and less death-defying.

Stay tuned! (or don’t; I probably won’t write about the decision)

BUT there is a little part of me that thinks if I’m going to run 22 miles in three days (the flat version) I might as well run another marathon at some point. Maybe in 2020? Hmm….

p.s. Yeah, those giant mosquitoes on the maps?? Frightening! (not sure what to make of them either)

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