FronteraFest Stirs

We had the first read-through of Big Guy this weekend, and it went pretty well!

I think the cast is excellent, and the play’s not too shabby either. I have a bit of work to do to flesh things out but nothing too major. Nhaila, Jenn, David, Cherry and Laura seem like they’ll fit the parts well, and Ellie’s gonna direct this time, which will be a fun experiment for me. It’s a real luxury to sit back and watch someone else struggle with logistics.

We also had a photoshoot at Hyde Park Theatre. I took a few shots while it was going on, and I like the way this one turned out with the mix of blurriness and sharpness.

We debut the last regular week of the festival on Wednesday, February 6th.

Oh, I’m also I’m in another piece on January 18th. I’m a storyteller in my friend Marla’s series about Love & Loss. I’ll be telling a story tentatively titled Tennis Lessons, about my rise to tennis semi-stardom as part of the Oakland public parks program back in the 20th century. I get to be partnered with my old pal Tristan and my new British buddy Rich. I’m excited about that one too (and again, I don’t have to worry about logistics!).

See you there, squared.

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