Breaking News: my kids are cute

Yosemite jump

While we were on vacation recently, the kids took photos of themselves with cartoon cutouts of their orthodontists as part of a photo contest.

They just got picked for the finals, and if they win they get a drone with a mounted camera (which I’m sure they’ll use to peer in the bathroom window while I’m taking a shower).

Anyway, if you’re so inclined you can go to this link and vote for them (photo #7) up to 5 times from every device you own.

I’m sure you’ll be inclined to spend hours on this. But it doesn’t cost you anything, they’re sweet, and the thirteen-year-old has been enduring braces like a trooper for more than a year. He’ll be skipping around happily for days if he gets this.

All right, thanks for indulging me. Carry on with your creative endeavors…

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