Someday I’ll make it to Boulder

Boulder Mork and Mindy

I’m scrambling this weekend to meet a deadline by the Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company to enter a new play into their Generations competition.

I’d love to win this thing using this play because I hear Boulder’s great, the company helps with travel expenses, gives a stipend, and I love the fact that part of the whole competition recognizes that parents don’t always have the time to be as immersed in the theater world as they might want to.

It’s a week in a cool town doing cool stuff.

Anyway, the play is in good shape, but I’m not sure it’s really quite finished at this point. I’m not sure how much that matters in their decision process. I’ve got another few days to try and tighten it up.

This is one of the few national contests I keep on my radar. So if it doesn’t work out this year, I’ll try again next year. And then eventually I guess I’ll just head over there and climb on some rocks and run through some fields or whatever you do out there these days…

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