The Biggest Producer Credit I’ll Ever Get

Producer creditHad the great pleasure of working with these guys at FronteraFest this year. They probably wouldn’t have done the show if I hadn’t nagged them (politely and repeatedly) and encouraged them to give it a shot.

As a reward, they gave me a producer credit for the show. I asked Jomo to make the font size with my name smaller but he said “we’ll need somebody to blame” if things go south.

When they went up last Friday, they played well but the timing felt a bit off and the audience seemed oddly subdued. We talked about how it was a useful first step into the theater world for them, coming to grips with the fact that they might not move on.

Then we got the call. They made Best of Week on Saturday (which had a much better audience feel and comfort level) and then Best of Fest, scheduled to close out the whole festival next Saturday night.


I should have asked for an even bigger font size.

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