Showcase Recap: do more of them?

We had a fun night on Saturday the 17th, showcasing new and evolving works by a trio of local writers. A good, really enthusiastic crowd showed up – and the performances were well done and varied.

The feedback we got was to do more of this kind of thing. It’s nice because the event is:

  • Low-stress
  • Financially low-stakes
  • High reward in terms of feedback and artistic community building

So yeah, we’ll just think about how it would work in the future in terms of space and timing. The cheap ticketing ($5 minimum) worked well, the concessions were a nice touch, and the way we built the program was nice and simple (each artist provided half a page of a description which we threw into a folded presentation).

So…. Could be a cool, sustainable way to highlight new work in a pretty easy way. Here are a couple of pics with artists Maggie, Nailah, and…. a key member of the production team.

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