Minneapolis Bound

I purposely took a break from softball this year, in part because there wasn’t a good spot for me on the team, and I would have had to play with a different, new team. But also in part because I wanted to focus on other things like writing. The break was kind of nice, tbh.

But then halfway through the season, they reeled me back in. The team had a couple people quit and they were missing the kind of “togetherness” chemistry they used to have. I was able to rejoin after an appeal and a ruling from the league.

Anyway, the top two teams of the season got bids to the World Series. And… we took 2nd place, so we’re headed to the Series again! This time it’s in Minneapolis, so we’re going up there in late August.

I’m glad to be playing again, and glad to be with my quirky family again (and maybe glad to get some new material).

^^ This is a shot of me hitting a triple on my spring return

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  1. Joe GarciaJanuary 3, 2024

    I love this sport thank you for sharing greatly appreciated


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