Re-Learning to Run

It’s been a year since I got to wear a special bracelet, and I’ve had a number of physical ups and downs since then.

Early on, I seemed to make a quick, strong recovery. But then odd pains and side effects showed up in the new year. Seems I’m not quite as impervious to getting older as I once hoped/imagined.

Anyway, I’m at a better place physically and psychologically than I was six months ago.

I now have a couple of specialists I can go to if I need advice, and I have a pretty good understanding of what comes next if I run into trouble.

So here’s the state of my endurance at this point (hoping this helps with future tracking):

  • I run 5 miles on the weekend and things feel great for 12 hours
  • The next day I wake up in some pain in discomfort and walk it out, maybe take some ibuprofen
  • Within 2 days I’m feeling better and run a mile or two
  • Then another mile or 2 the next couple of days
  • Then 5 miles again the next week

That’s the current  regimen. Interested to see if it stays that way, grows, or diminishes. Guess I can keep most of that to myself.

Anyway, I’ve also got the occasional round-the-city bike trip, an invitation to rejoin the softball team in the fall/spring/whenever, volleyball tourneys whenever they start up, and friends in Ireland who expect me over the summer if the world allows. One year down. Feeling about a B+ about it at the moment. I’ll take it.

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