All Risk, No Action

Okay, I’m alive!

It wasn’t NO big deal, and I have lots of thoughts about the process – which I hope I never forget or minimize. But less than a week later, I feel good again. Energy’s back, not taking any crazy meds, and feel better. So… thumbs up.

This is a FALL RISK bracelet they gave me before the procedure, which kinda flipped me out a little. I tried to maintain my sense of humor by pretending the F wasn’t there.

There’s more to the story and saga, but we can catch up in person sometime.

And this is a squid cookie the kids baked for me when I got home. Super sweet (red-pen emphasis added, obvi). Also appreciate the humor here. I’ve had a huge lifetime epiphany no one’s ever thought of before: humor helps.

Next major milestone is September 3rd to make sure all is on track. Ready to get out there and be myself again. I continue to hope for the best.

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