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final stage

It’s been over a week since the play closed, and I’ve had a lot to think about and discuss with people.

As far as official critical response goes, we got a great review, a really good review, and a not-so-great review.

I’ve also had another theater in upstate New York ask to see the script, and got a lot of nice comments from people who’ve had similar experiences with family members in the autistic community.

I had one connection in particular with the mother of an autistic woman whose art was displayed in the lobby. Her daughter (the artist) died just one year ago at the age of 31 and I worried about the emotional impact she and her husband would feel in seeing the play, especially whether the humor might seem insensitive somehow. She was very sweet about the whole thing and wrote a really nice note she added to a copy of the book she and her family put together based on her daughter’s art and poetry.

I’m having a debrief with Lisa next week too to talk about what worked, what didn’t, what we might do differently if we work together again.

I’m relieved it’s over in some ways, bummed it’s not happening anymore in other ways, happy it got the positive reactions it did, and also excited to move on to the next thing, which should be a little lighter (I hope).

I imagine my thoughts will keep evolving as discussions about the experience continue…

A crucial scene from the tech rehearsal before the stage was done

A crucial scene from the tech rehearsal before the stage was done


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