New Year’s Eve Goal (roughly) Met

A little late with an update here, but managed a 13-mile run on December 31st (hello 13/31) remotely and in pieces this year. I was in California and started on a 13.4 mile trail around the Briones Reservoir Loop Trail (below). However, about two miles in, I ran into an impassible mudslide and had to turn back.

Then I drove about 10 minutes to the Nimitz Trail in Berkeley (above, left) and did another 9 miles there (where I was able to see that same reservoir from above*). So… I really did do it, Dave and Camille! (though I did get that 10-minute break, hmm)

Side note: running on this trail in the morning with the sun out felt almost spiritual to me (and I don’t use that word lightly). It was gorgeous and bright and cold, and I actually saw three wolves on the path when I first arrived, which was momentarily both terrifying and beautiful (they gingerly scampered down a hill as I approached).

Still got it (basically). Till next December…

* omg what if I had seen myself running on the trail while I was above it in a kind of Back-to-the-Future-esque moment inspired by a time travel hiccup introduced by the mudslide! {head explodes}


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