The Lineup

I’m struggling a little bit with the idea of publicizing this silly show when everyone’s talking about global tragedy.  But timing is what it is.

Here’s what I think the lineup will be for Thursday:


  • Possum Posse one song
  • Brief heartfelt intro and skit
  • Music (Luna Tart)
  • Story (Ava)
  • Play (Tristan: Shhhh)
  • Music (Luna Tart)
  • Story (Carol)
  • Music (Kiya)
  • A few words about the art in the gallery (Dr. Becker)



  • Brief intro and skit
  • Music (Luna)
  • Play (Raul: Gustav)
  • Music (Luna)
  • Story (Kate)
  • Play (Sarah: From the Depths)
  • Music (Possum Posse)

Full list of participants:

Musicians: Luna, Kiya, Jes, Jomo, Brian, maybe Chris

Actors: Roxy, David, Rachel

Storytellers: Ava, Kate, Carol

Playwrights: Tristan, Raul, Sarah

Improvisers: Mia, Jessica, Jennifer, Lacy, Ben

Crew: Christi, Sam, Julia (Patti, Lisa)

Art: Dr. Becker

Crap, that’s a lotta people.  Probably can’t cancel now.

Oh, and Hops and Grain Brewing ended up lending a hand (they were awesome and nice) AND it looks like Dr. Becker and I will be on KOOP radio Monday across two different shows (Austin Artists & Reflections of Community Outreach) from 1pm to 2pm.

Four days to go, yo.  One day at a time…

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