High School Mugshot

All right, I taught a high school class (and I’ve got this creepy Want Ad photo to prove it)!

It went okay. The kids didn’t react a whole lot, which is hard for me, but which is also the way it goes with high school students. And it was a bit muggy (!) in the library, so I could feel myself sweating under the lights. But…. the kids’ teacher sent this to me when it was done:

Thank you so much for coming out and sharing your story! My kids were VERY tickled by it and are all now huge fans of “Eric” (aka Eric), and can recite his wikipedia page from memory (Esp: “..he was angered by the audience’s reaction to his stand-up routine and shouted ‘You can’t do this to me, I’m Kirk Douglas’s son!'”). 

It was exciting, helpful and entertaining! Please come back anytime!

So… I’ll take it. It was a great experience for me, even if I accidentally folded my Visitor sticker in half and crumpled it (not in anger and frustration, I promise). I’d love to do it again. And maybe teaching is in my future. I hear there are pensions…

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  1. Paullette MacDougalOctober 16, 2019

    I love your website! Attractive, snappy, and informative!


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